Oh Hello There!

It’s been awhile…I know, I know…5 years between blog posts, not a good look.  But hey, better late than never right?  It may not have looked like it, but we’ve been quietly working at Insidious HQ on multiple projects.  Some you’ll hear about now, some more in the coming months, and there’s even a few you may never hear about at all.

First thing’s first!  Project number one is an expanded distro section in the shop.  We’ve updated our distro with a ton of great releases.  Added the entire Big Ska Gamble 7-inch series, originally released on Grandpa’s Casino Recordings by RJ Phoenix(23 Minutes of Ska / On The Upbeat).  Multiple releases from some of my favorite bands like Buffalo’s DIY darlings, On The Cinder, as well as Mrs. Skanotto and The Holophonics.  Not to mention Flying Racoon Suits’ last full-length “Afterglow” along with a bunch more on multiple formats and variants!  We’ve also got new t-shirts, koozies, and some more surprises coming soon including even more releases for the distro.




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