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About Insidious

Insidious Industries is an independent record label based out of Buffalo, New York.

The concept for the label began around 2011 with the official launch coming nearly 6 years later in 2017.

The story begins in late 2012, when the label pressed its first release by Buffalo ska-core band Do It With Malice. The record, a 7-inch entitled “The Big Ska Gamble”, was co-released by Grandpa’s Casino Recordings as part of “The Big Ska Gamble” 7-Inch subscription series. Next, the label was involved in the re-release of legendary 3rd-wave ska act The Toasters’ most celebrated album, “Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down”. This was done through round 1 of the 3rd Wave Ska Preservation Society Reissue Project. Several years later Insidious added a second piece to their catalog. In 2015, they released “Rising”, the first full-length from Buffalo-based punk quartet, ORENTHAL.

Since the official launch, the label has re-released both of Do It With Malice full-length CD’s and has been working on expanding and adding a variety of Ska and Punk to the Distro segment.

Insidious Industries is always looking for bands to round out its roster. Please check our contact page for demo submission guidelines.  Follow Insidious Industries on social media for the most up-to-date information.