Well Hello!! We are pleased to announce the official launch of our record label, Insidious Industries. Thanks for checking out the brand new website too. Pretty sweet, right?! Shout out to our friends over at Nearsighted Studios for taking care of that. Contact them for all your web design needs at nearsightedstudios.com. But hey, that’s enough about them. Let’s talk about us…

The idea for all of this came about back in roughly 2012. We became tired of seeing endless amounts of talent being overlooked, in favor of cookie cutter acts, mediocre music, and monster marketing machines. Our goal is to bring underappreciated and underexposed music to the forefront(and maybe a few storefronts!). While admittedly, most of the bands that we work with will have roots in punk rock, we do not subscribe to any particular genre. The first slew of bands clearly demonstrates that fact. Our initial roster includes ska-core stalwarts Do It With Malice, melodic hardcore newbies ORENTHAL, and rap/rock innovators FunkMnkyz. Releases from all three are currently available in our web store, as well as t-shirts and combo packs.

Several more projects are in the works however, Insidious Industries is always looking for bands to round out its roster. Moving forward, we’re ramping up our talent acquisition and working with bands to help them continue to produce high-quality products for their fan base. You can follow Insidious Industries and all of our bands on social media to get the most up to date information as often as possible.

So please enjoy exploring the rest of the site. Our bands section is loaded with info and links to anything you need(FB/Instagram/Twitter/Youtube/Bandcamp/Spotify) and our web store is filled with great gift ideas for your grandmother’s upcoming birthday! You can also sign up for our email list to get label updates every month. Thanks again for stopping by!


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