Do It With Malice is a five-piece band from Buffalo, NY. Having performed with local and national ska, punk, and reggae acts over the past 13 years, Malice plays an amalgam that has been described as ska-core, though the band is admittedly not really sure.  Known for its rowdy—and erratically profane—live sets and brutal, metal-influenced themes, Do It With Malice remains an unconventional contributor to the ska-punk scene.

The band again showcased its raucousness with the introduction of its second full-length album, “The Burned-Over District.” Recorded in Lockport, NY at Watchmen Studios by engineer Doug White (Every Time I Die, Gym Class Heroes), the album incorporates a dynamic melding of metal riffs and third-wave ska, culminating in a record that is—if nothing else—truly anomalous. “The Burned-Over District” was released on Ska Mutiny Records in 2011.

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Do It With Malice : “Symphonic Homicide” Full-Length CD


Do It With Malice : “The Burned-Over District” Full-Length CD


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