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Who’s On Board? Part 2 – Funkmnkyz

Now we’ll feature our only act hailing from outside the city of Buffalo.

Meet FunkMnkyz from Burke, VA.  More realistically, they reside over the entire DMV area.  That’s DC, Maryland, and Virginia combined. The five members of FunkMnkyz joined forces through a mutual appreciation of EVERY genre of music, a love of the DC-area live scene, and a collective self-deprecating sense of humor. Influenced by 311, RATM, Wu-Tang, Jimi Hendrix, MF Doom, Glassjaw and many more, FunkMnkyz can play just about anything while their MCs rhyme.  Their versatility quickly began to win over the crowd at every show they played.

Their first release entitled “Don’t Feed The Animals” displayed the band’s genre-defying sound and featured many early versions of songs contained on their more polished full-length that would follow.

In 2010, FunkMnkyz began playing to much larger audiences at several shows including opening the HFStival main stage.  In the same year, the band self-released their only full-length to date, “Which Way is Down”.  The debut of the rap/rock masterclass was followed by rave reviews and extensive touring.  Eventually even making their way up to Buffalo to play at Mohawk Place for a show we set up.  After running up the mileage on their van and selling out their initial pressing of WWID, Insidious Industries agreed to re-release the album.  Out of print since roughly 2012, “Which Way Is Down” is currently available in our web store!